[SHOW] 110229 Mnet Japan Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim Ep. 9

Girl’s Day in Japan!! :)



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4 thoughts on “[SHOW] 110229 Mnet Japan Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim Ep. 9

  1. Another KKS with too many great moments!
    Loved all the random Japanese.
    Hyeri buried in the back seat of the car like a little kid.
    The no make-up faces too!
    Stage show looked like a lot of fun.
    Yura eating and looking very happy when she saw the meat.
    And then the next episode preview looks set to be even better!

    Jihae and Yura are stealing me away from Minah though… T_T

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you makkun for uploading the recent eps(and reina for uploading the older eps)! I have to admit I’ve been rather indifferent to the last 3 eps. Well I’ll pay more attention.:) Thank you for uploading again.
  3. Thanks for sharing!!
    I had so much fun with Girl’s Day while they were staying in Japan!!
    The last scene..The fur key chain which Jihae unnie has is my present for Jihae Unnie!!<3 She uploaded the picture of this also!!
    Thank you unnie~~~~!!!!

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