[PICS/TRANS] 110314 Girl’s Day Twitter Update – Concept Photos


걸스데이 3rd 자켓사진이에요~~ 이쁘죠?? ㅎㅎ ^^
Translation: This is the Girl’s Day 3rd (CD?) jacket photo~~ It’s pretty, huh?? he he ^^

자켓사진 나왔어여~~^^
Translation: Jacket photo came out~~^^



이번 단체사진이에영~~^^
Translation: This time it’s the group photo~~^^

Translation: Girl’s Day~~~~^^


Source: Girl’s Day Twitter

6 thoughts on “[PICS/TRANS] 110314 Girl’s Day Twitter Update – Concept Photos

  1. ah Simple and straightforward, yet noticeable and meaningful album jacket. :) If I remember correctly, this is the 1st album jacket with the new members in. all the best for you our girls!
  2. i want to have a gdS jersey too! XD~ i want one so badly…… <3 esp. blue one! favorite color + yura's wearign it. i will wear it forever or not, i'll frame it and post it on my wall.

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