[Teaser] [MV] Girl’s Day 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)

The long-awaited teaser MV is out! 21 seconds definitely is enough to make us anticipate the full version. So far what were your thoughts on the MV, song and concept? Share your thoughts below.


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17 thoughts on “[Teaser] [MV] Girl’s Day 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)

  1. honestly am not that impressed, i thought they were gonna do something way beyond nothing last forever but this song and teaser is nothing different from what i have heard from other girlgroups. and their cuteness is overdone.

    anyways i hope to like the full song and maybe buy their album

  2. The concept is a little bit like 4minute Huh ,but cute? I’m talking about the clothes here. So far I like the melody of it and the background. The girls of course are gorgeous. I just hope it is a MV with a story, a good one hopefully.

    The MV..It’s 2morrow!! OH la la.. Can’t wait to finally watch it!

  3. They overdid it with the cute/sweet thing. It’s like pouring a cup of sugar down your throat.
  4. I’ve pretty much spazzed all I could about this teaser MV everywhere, so I’ll be brief. I thought the girls looked great and I can’t wait for the MV!
  5. cute, vivid and cheerful concept with 5 lovely and adorable girls, this kind of stuff is just a instant win for me hahaha. I guess japanese market is also considered in making the song. speaking of the teaser itself, It might be even better if they made it more engrossing by adding a few random scenes which could draw some more curiosity. all in all, this teaser clearly serves the purpose as a teaser. furthermore, it’s nothing more than a tip of iceberg, so we need to see the entire mv to fully evaluate. :)
  6. Adorable!!!
    I seriously can’t wait for the full MV and their comeback!!!
    Jihae’s hair!!! I love it!! And Yura’s blonde hair suits her^^
  7. ughhh!!!
    About 15minutes before MV come out!!!!
    Sooooo excited<3 XD

    Girl's Day, Fighting!!


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