[FAN ACCOUNT] 110316 Girl’s Day 1st Showcase

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Our lovely friend and translator Sen was able to attend Girl’s Day’s 1st Showcase! He has kindly shared his experience with us, so that we too can share in how special this event was for Girl’s Day and their fans. Please enjoy this wonderful fan account and make sure to thank Sen for allowing us to truly experience Girl’s Day’s 1st Showcase. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

“The showcase was held in the stage which is located in the first basement of Ye Hall in Apgujeong-dong. (fyi, Secret also has performed their showcase in the stage last year. See my attached picture to have a better understanding of the stage. [Picture])
When I first arrived there at around 12:30, I took a picture of the standing banner introducing Girl’s Day’s showcase at the entrance of Ye Hall in order to celebrate my first meeting of an idol singers lol. In the hall, there were only less than 10 people including reporters and such. Also, there were no guide to tell me where I should have a seat. So I could freely decide to take a seat in the middle of a rear row because I knew that the front row seats which are close to the stage are mostly for the press.
After 1:30 or so, a projector screen pulled down from the ceiling in front of the stage, and started playing GsD related videos on the screen in chronological order, like from pre-debut videos such as Hongdae flash mob, Umbrella cover and so on, to Tilt My Head MV and the related performance videos to How Do I Look MV and videos, and to NLF MV and videos with a couple of video cuts from TV shows like Strong Heart, Bouquet, 100 out of 100 points, etc. When it was about to be 2:00pm, the first 4 or 5 row seat were almost filled with reporters and photographers, and the rest of rear seats were filled with a bunch of fans and a few of ajussi’s and ajumma’s. I could notice that some of the middle age people are actually parents of GsD members, because one of them said to the other one, “Here, this is Jihae’s mother.” and introduced each other. They had their seat in the left side of me.

Around 2:00pm, there were a total of 70-80 people in the hall, including Lee Jong Seok, CEO of DreamTea, and a few DreamTea staff. I guess 20-30 of reporters/photographers/cameramans were from various online newspaper companies, and about 50 people were fans/family members of Girl’s Day. Since I noticed the family members of GsD were 6-8 people, it seems there were arould 40 fans in the hall, which a few of them were standing in the both sides of aisle. From what I’ve seen in the hall, the ratio of male and female fan of GsD was close to 7:3 because I saw less than 10 of female fans in there, and I noticed a few of them were from Angelic Smile which is the fancafe for Minah in Naver. The female fans took out a couple of placards they prepared and readied themselves to cheer for GsD before the MC of the showcase showed up. Well I admit It was surprsingly much less crowded than I thought. :( It may be due to the fact that it was held on weekday.
After 2:00pm, the projector screen rolled up and the MC of the showcase walked onto the stage. He introduced himself that he’s the MC and currently working as a rookie male comendian from KBS, who I’ve never seen on TV before lol XD. He mentioned general things about GsD’s 3rd single for a few minutes, and then he finally introduced Girl’s Day onto the stage, and he asked them to introduce themselves.
Sojin : Hi, I’m singing Sojin.

Hyeri : Hi, I’m maknae Hyeri.

Minah : Hi, I’m mass/loads of charm, Minah.

Jihae : Hi, I’m Jihae in charge of dancing.

Yura : Hi, I’m chic Yura, nice to meet you.
After their introduction ended, Sojin picked up the mic and said, “We’ve been so busy appearing in entertainment shows and preparing for our comeback lately, as a result, we have even some members who have only slept for 1-2 hours in a day while the rest of us have slept for 3-4 hours. As we worked hard to prepare this 3rd single for showing a good image to people, so we hope we will be able to establish ourselves more strongly through this promotion and make us well-known in the music industry.”, and after a couple of MC’s speech, the members started to move to their starting position for NLF performance. As soon as the music started, I was automatically absorbed in watching every single moves they were performing and unconsciously singing the song along with them XD. Besides, the bass sound from the hall’s amp was so loud that it easily stunned my sanity lol, not to mention it made the song much more mind-blowing. I have to say I never expected the performance to be that intense. They totally wowed me. :D
After the performance, one of them said(I’m not sure who she was. Maybe Sojin or Jihae), “It’s our first time officially inviting fans and performing in front of you. I was so nervous that it made me want to go to the restroom before the performance.”, and then later MC asked them to show their talents. At first, Sojin sang a bit of ‘Take A Bow’ by Rihanna, and then as the second turn, Hyeri danced to Cutie Honey by Ayumi Lee, which she has danced before on Bouquet. After her dance ended, MC appoached and asked her how she had been doing in her school. She answered, “I feel sad that I can’t go to school regularly as of now, but I’m still in close touch with my friends.” The next turn was Jihae. She took off her red jacket in advance and did her sexy dance to a song(I don’t remember what it was because It was a totally unfamilar song to me), and then MC requested her if she could add her Korean traditional dance moves to the sexy dance. She seemed to hesitate, but she accepted the request and danced one more time with a bit of her Korean traditinal dance. After Jihae’s dance, Yura did an impersonation of Seo Min Jung who was one of regular casts from the sitcom ‘Unstoppable Highkick’ and then showed her random dance which was intended to show off her 5 million Won legs, and then she did a impersonation of a very unusual and forced, yet adorable child voice in English(I can’t really describe how it sounds like haha). She revealed that what she spoke wasn’t even English at all lol, and the voice impersonation was inspired by voices from Disney Channel. Lastly, Minah sang a bit of ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyonce and did some cute dance with her kkab dance at the end of her dance, and then she did an impersonation of Lena Park by singing ‘In Dreams’. Minah confessed that she really wanted the impersonation to be aired on broadcast shows, but it was always edited out whenever she tried. :(
After their talent shows all ended, they headed to the backstage to prepare for their new song Twinkle Twinkle. To save their time to prepare, the male MC decided to have a few contests and suggests that he would give GD’s autographed new albums, GD T-shirts and posters for the fans who could answer his questions. The first question was, “Is there anyone who has the oldest 100 Won coin?” One of the fans at the left aisle answered that his he had 100 Won which was made in ’70s(I guess he said 73 or 74. Wow… O.O). So MC chose him to be the winner and gave him an autographed CD, and then MC asked another questions to the fans, “Anyone here thinks your home is most far from here?”, “Give me applause so that I’ll pick the one who applauses most loud.”, “Raise you hands now if you want to get the gifts.(<-this was quite unexpected haha)” After all, I definitely failed to get any of the gifts lol. Well I’m not sure how much time he took to ask all the questions, but it looks like it took over 10 minutes because whenever the winners came near the stage to get their gifts, MC told them to introduce themselves and asked a few questions regarding GD, like which member is their favorite.
After the contests, MC announced it was time to showcase the MV of Twinkle Twinkle, and he left the stage when the white projector screen pulled down and the lights in the hall were turned off to play the MV. At that time I checked the clock on my cellphone and it showed around 2:40. As soon as the MV started to play, I was completely blown away by the damn hilarious and entertaining choreography of the MV!!!!! XD, not to mention the cute and catchy melody and lively beat of the song!!! In fact, the screen was a little too dark to see what was happening in the MV. Nontheless, I have to admit I really couldn’t keep my mouth shut while watching the MV!!!! Even I found myself mumbling some of the lyrics I could remember hahahahaha. Yeah, I truly enjoyed the MV and couldn’t take my eyes off it till the end. I believe it was the shortest 4 minutes in my life.
But, it wasn’t the true end!!!! :)
While the projector screen was rolling up very slowly to the ceiling, I could notice that something was behind the projector screen…?! Oh my goooooooooood O.O!! I could saw feet, and then legs, and then waists, and the the girls’ faces in the dark!! What a total surpirse!! They were standing behind the screen in advance!! :D I was almost teary seeing them standing there with their blue school outfits which are the same as in the MV!! When the screen finished rolling up and the lights went on, the girls started their performance! Ohhhhh this was the climax of the showcase!! X) Well umm I won’t write my long and winding impression on the performance this time lol. That’s because my words cannot fully describe how much they looked and sounded awesome. I just advise you to go see the fancams of the performance, especially the one from Pizzabbang. If you watch them, you can take a guess how I felt then. :) :) :)
After their performance ended, MC came back to the stage and asked the girls about the song and their concept. They said their song and concept is for the cutesy and lively image which suits this spring season, and talked about the school look and the preppy look. I remember it was Sojin that said their signature dance is called “Mammamma dance”. After their brief explanation of the song, MC requested reporters to ask their questions to GD. But strangely, it seemed like nobody had interests enough to ask their questions to the girls whatsoever. Literally a few seconds of awkward silence passed after MC’s request, and then one of them finally opened his mouth, “Did you find your dance somewhat cringing when you first saw it?” Minah answered, “At first it looked kinda strange and cringing, but we were able to get used to it.”, and Yura continued “I think the dance was getting addictive as we kept practicing.”
The next question was from a Japanese guy, who asked them his question in Japanese. So I could see their face in slight confusion lol. After his question, a Japanese translator who attended there with him translated his question into Korean, “Hi, I’m who who from blah blah production company in Japan. First of all, I’m glad to see you everyone perform here in this event. Speaking of Japan, would you mind telling us what you’d like to say about the crisis of Japan?” Minah answered, “I remember there is a saying “This shall pass, too”. I hope they will surely, certainly be able to cope with their adversity by all means.” and then Sojin said, “I noticed the tweets from Japanese fans has decreased recently. I hope they’re okay. In addition, I wish people in Japan stay strong and overcome this difficult situation.” And then there was no more question after him. The rest of the reporters must have been pretty uninterested in our girls. :/
After their short interview ended, every 5 member gave their simple and short answers about their resolution for their promotion of the 3rd single, like “Please look forward to our comeback”, “I hope people like our new image. I’ll do my best.”, “I wish we will gain more solid recognition than before.”(Sorry, I failed to remember who said what.) And lastly, MC asked the fans to shout ‘fighting’ in order to finish the showcase. When MC shouted “Girl’s Day fighting!!!!”, the girls and the fans also shouted ‘fighting’ along with him. And so the showcase ended successfully. :) The girls went to the backstage and I checked the time, which was nearly 3:00pm. And then I walked out of the hall to get home.
Whew that’s all. Thank for you reading everyone! :)”
Thank you again Sen!!

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  1. Sen thank you so much for this, im glad you shared it with us. Its a shame the reporters didnt have much to say.
  2. thank you so much for sharing your fan account! ^^, ah i wish i was there though, but sucha shame.. i hope the girls are alright though, even though it was a really short interview.
  3. OMG I LVOED READING THIS!!! It was almost as intense as being there ki ki~ SEN YOUR SO LUCCCCKYYY ( I write that in caps!) haha! I wish I was there! I would be screaming and dying and tackle the girls if I saw them on stage!!!! Stupid reporters don’t know nothin -.-! I guess this song will skyrocket thier popularity I’m sure!!^^ fighting~ n WOW those fans were lucky to have won presents! SEN your lucky enough to be there, but try harder to win next time okay?!^^
  4. Aww hope to meet the girls in person :D
    Maybe we can all go for their fan meeting ? hehe :D

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