[PIC/TRANS] 110325 Girl’s Day Jihae Tweet Update (Sojin Picture)

크큭 우리의 코나커피쏘지언니도한모금내가좋아하는 치즈바도 매일매일먹지요^^!!!
Translation: Ku ku Our Kona Coffee A sip for Ssoji unnie too Cheese bar I like too Have it everyday^^!!!


Source: Jihae’s twitter
translated By: ricardox @girlsdaydaily

2 thoughts on “[PIC/TRANS] 110325 Girl’s Day Jihae Tweet Update (Sojin Picture)

  1. I still love Sojin’s new hair. Colour, style, everything.

    I comment on hair way too much…

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. Her face looks so tiny!! Oh.. She’s just so pretty! I think that I’m writing that in almost every post of Girls Day Daily!! Well… What do you want, they’re so pretty! Wouldn’t it be a waste if nobody talked about their beauty? ^.^

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