[RECRUITING] Apply to be Staff for Upcoming Girlsdaydaily Forum (First Round Closed)

Hello Dai5ies

As you guys know, girlsdaydaily will be having a forum soon! Yay! It was really a hard decision for us whether to have one or not, because Tammy and myself really like posting GsD goodies via blog. At that time, a forum was not really necessary for us. Time flies by really fast and now Girl’s day is receiving the attention they have always deserved and have gained many new fans because of their new look and Twinkle Twinkle song.  So we decided to have a forum, so that many Girl’s Day fans can unite and spazz about our girls. We are excited about finally having a pairing thread (for those who are into that) haha.  So I don’t want to write too long, so what we need right now are HELPERS/STAFF that can dedicate their time for Girl’s Day & Gdd, and no! you dont need to be a 24/7 person xD :D

We will work together until the launch date (2 weeks from now), so make sure you have free time and are able to help us :)

Don’t forget! Communication is a plus!

What We Need:

01. Global Moderators (2)
02. Moderators (6)
03. Translators (Korean, Japanese)
04. Web Designer/Graphic Designer/Chibis Maker/Drawing/Painting
05. Subbers
06. Uploaders (Re-up download links/upload youtube/etc)
07. Contributors (Help us repost stuff from gdd blog to forum and create discussion) < MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW



First Name:
Why do you want to be on the GDD team:


Please post your application below in the comment box.

Thank You!



28 thoughts on “[RECRUITING] Apply to be Staff for Upcoming Girlsdaydaily Forum (First Round Closed)

  1. First Name: Rnady
    Twitter/Facebook: @NaNeunRandy
    Age: 15
    Position: Global Moderator
    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: I really love Girls Day and I’ll work hard to become a GMod.
    Comments? I’m the founder at JOOTASTIC and Electronic Doll House (Chi Chi international forum). I am a global mod at Starship Boys and a mod at A Pink and Secret Four. Hope you guys accept me~
  2. First Name: maya
    Twitter/Facebook: @yoongabs
    Age: 15
    Position: Graphic Designer
    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: I would looove to help :) and I feel like i want to contribute something to my #1 source for girl’s day! Also, I like spending time with photoshopping, I’m a gfx designer at some forum so I’m pretty much familiar and you can count on me! ^___^
  3. first name: mimi
    twitter: @theeastsea (or @tearzones for public & korean tweets)
    age: sixteen (seventeen this year, very important)
    position: global or regular moderator. maybe a translator in the future?
    why do you want to be one of GDD team: i have now practically stanned girl’s day for a long long time. (even though i did not stan them as much for a while in between these promotions, sorry~) and maybe you remember me being all like “let me heeeelp!!!” before. no? okay… anyway. i hope i can somehow help. ^^
    comments? i have been a gmod in weheartIU (haven’t been there in a while because of school, but that’s over now) and i’m currently learning korean. i’m not near fluent but i’m a quick learner when it’s something i think is fun.
  4. First Name: Fee

    Twitter/Facebook: http://twitter.com/FeeAli7

    Age: 16

    Position: Korean Translator

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: Since the old forum of GD is closed down, the GDD is more updates, i want to help this sites to grow even more larger!

    Comments? ^^ thanks for reading

  5. First Name: Ruihong

    Twitter/Facebook: @rhu_gsd for twitter & facebook.com/ruihong.lu for facebook

    Age: 28

    Position: Global Moderators/Moderators/Contributors

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: i want to be a part of the team because i love & i want help out.. N also to promote Girls’ Day to everyone out there as i feel that is something i can do for the girls!! ^^

    Comments? i will do my upmost best for GDD! ^^

  6. First Name: Brianna

    Twitter/Facebook: @Askinya, /bogas

    Age: 26

    Position: Global Moderator/*Future* Translator

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: I love Girl’s Day, and I think they could be a contending top Girl Group, but to get them there, they need a good international fansite! I would love to help get them there.

    I am currently involved in learning Korean (trying to get certified) so my goal is to eventually help with translating. I can’t do it yet, but I have taken the necessary steps to get there.

  7. FORM

    First Name:Nam



    Position:Global moderator/moderator

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: I like Girl’s Day and I thought I would come out and help spread the word.

    Comments? I also have had experience as mod for other sites and was involved with uploading, contributing, and checking posts.

  8. First Name: Bakuryu

    Twitter/Facebook: https://twitter.com/bakuryu399 // http://fb.me/shayne.yap

    Age: 21

    Position: Uploader

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team:
    I really enjoy Girl’s Day and would like to contribute what I can to help their rise in popularity! I watch their performances and music videos frequently and listen to them on a regular basis. I feel like I fit this position the best of all the other ones. I think this site is great with keeping things up to date and relevant and I would like to only see it improve and advance.

    I upload music and videos very often so I am very used to it. I also have a premium megaupload account which would allow passwords to the links if needed, and faster upload/download speeds with no limits. I am never far from the internet so I am very easy to contact.

  9. First Name: Cheryl
    Twitter/Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CherylChong97 || @CC_970917
    Age: 14
    Position: Global Moderator
    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: I love Girl’s Day super much!!! And I also love Girls Day Daily super much! I really hope to be a part in GDD’s forum!
    Comments? I had experience as moderator in others forum!
  10. First Name: Ethan

    Twitter/Facebook: @no1TAEGANGER

    Age: 19

    Position: Moderator / Contributor for Minah news/pics/etc (Possibly Minah section)

    Why do you want to be one of GDD team: Dead obsessed w/ Minah right now.. You will not regret this decision lmao. Other than that, also a mod in sonesea forum :)

  11. First Name: Drew
    Twitter: @DrewJKnox
    Age: 25
    Position: Global Mod / Mod / Contributors
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: While it may have taken time for Girl’s Day to sink in for me in the early days I now consider myself a a huge Dai5y. The fact GDD is a blog always appealed to me as it stood out from the usual forums. The passion with which it’s run and the fans who comment and talk on the shoutbox make it a great place to be so I want to help and expand that in any way I can. Through the blog I’ve spoke to some great people and I want to share that kind of experience with others while spreading word of Girl’s Day even further and building a great fan community on the forum. BONUS! ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is the most played song on my iPod so that speaks for itself. :P
    Comments: I’m a global mod on Prismatic 7 (Rainbow International Fan Forum) and I spend vast amounts of time online, I live on Twitter. I’m also really good at following instructions. ;)
  12. First Name:Florinna



    Position:Moderator/ Subber (just as long as it is not Karaoke subbing)/ Contributors?

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: Girl’s Day is the only girl group that catches my attention to actually look for their news and pictures and not just their music. I really like them and I would love to contribute something for them and helps share their love to others^^


  13. first name:John Nguyen

    twitter/facebook:@bakasenpai & http://www.facebook.com/BakaSenpai


    position:moderator/ uploader

    why do you want to be on the gdd team: I’ve always been with GDD since it was fairly new and saw the surge of new members when NLF came out. definitely love coming on when i need a break and looking at updates about the girls (especially about sojin~)

    comments: I know that the launch will be in two weeks time..which is really when my crunch time for school is kicking in, but i’ll be on as much as i can to help. Plus if i’m uploading, i can always leave my computer on when i sleep =D

  14. First Name: JW
    Twitter/Facebook: http://twitter.com/banjjak_
    Age: 20
    Position: Contributor
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I’ve been interested in Girl’s Day for a while, but like a lot of people I really got hooked in by Twinkle Twinkle. I think they are great in all facets, and I would really like to be a part of a site like this that provides all types of media about them.
    Comments? I’ve run my own fansites before and had to work with forums. It’s been a while, but I’m sure it’s like riding a bike. You never forget, lol. Like many others school is pretty crazy, but I think I can handle being a Contributor. Plus you said we don’t have to be on 24/7 so… :) Yep! Thanks for considering me. <3
  15. First Name: Gelic

    Twitter/Facebook: twitter.com/b2utyimgelai | facebook.com/gelic.atiles

    Age: 17 turning 18 already on april.. hehe

    Position: Graphics Designer

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I really love 5 girls day since their debut, some people think they aren’t good but when I saw their energy and charisma’s on stage, I can see that they have a future. As a fan I also want to help their forum so that it’ll look presentable and great to the looks of the fans and other people, I also want to join to give them my over all support in everything they do…

    Comments: Thank you for reading my application, I may not be able to promise that I can do everything all at once, but I promise to do my very best and accept all wrong doings, comments and suggestions coming from you kindheartedly… =]

  16. First Name:Sri



    Position:Global Mod/Moderator and maybe I can help with making some graphics though my skills aren’t of a high standard .

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I’ve been a Dai5y for months now and I love how much progress and improvements they’ve made . I admire how GDD has been supporting these 5(or 7 for the matter) talented girls from the start . You guys don’t know how grateful I am for all your constant updates on videos of them and such . By applying to help in the forum is probably away for me to repay the hardwork you guys have put in to update us Dai5ies with the entertaining and beautiful pictures of the girls . And how can I forget , you guys have worked hard to translate and sub videos , tweets and the girls’ update just so that us Dai5ies who don’t understand Korean can be updated and atleast know what’s going on . Although my age may make you think twice on recruiting me , I would just like to get this message across . I would work hard and do my job well if I’m recruited . Age isn’t an obstacle , it’s just a number (:

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my application . I hope I have proven my worthiness enough . All the best to the other applicants and may GDD forum be a huge success ^^ And just so you know , I do have a account here in GDD but I can’t seem to log in at the moment .

  17. First Name: Anis
    Twitter/Facebook: @Nisyaz
    Age: 14
    Position: Subber (ALL except for translating)/Graphic Designer/Drawing (I draw Chibis.. occasionally.)
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I would love to help GDD, and Girls Day is really starting to grow on me, and it would be a wonderful experience if I could help with GDD’s Forum and future projects.
    Not much,
    just that I’m experienced in subbing,
    BUT I’m just starting out in Drawing/Graphic Designing. For graphic designing, I usually do posters( for people, AFF XD) and I’m not very good at digital painting yet, I’m still learning, so I hope this would be a wonderful experience if I’d ever get to join the GDD team :)
    Plus you all seems so nice to work with~
  18. First Name:andi rauf nur
    Position:moderator/subber(except translating)/contributor/uploaders?
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team:i think im going to be free in a few months time and i like gd.
    i wanna learn korean too.
    Comments?i usually edit subs for myself since i might have free time for a few months i’d thought i’ll give a hand
  19. First Name: Nancy

    Twitter: @miameggtart

    Age: 16, soon 17

    Position: Global Moderator, Moderator, uploader

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I’m always on GDD, so I guess I’ll also always be on the new forum. I’d be glad to help. I just love Girls Day, I would of course like to dedicate some time to the expansion of their popularity, so being a moderator, I would be able to do so. As for being an uploader, I often go back to check videos and it’s quite sad qhen the video becomes unavailable, so I’ll do my best to update that.


  20. First Name: Ly
    Facebook: /Silvery.L
    Age: 18
    Position: Global/Moderator
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team:
    After their first debut, many people misunderstood this gorgeous girl groups as somewhat untalented. I want to continue to show them my support by moderating and help the forum so that they will get bigger exposure more to international fans, thus gain an even bigger fan-base.
    I want to share my experience as a global/Moderator by helping the members to follow the forum guidelines (rules) and just anything that a staff of a forum would do, most importantly engaging in meetings to help improve the forum.
    Comments? I believe that GDD has a great potential in updating us with Girls Day activities but needs assistance in forums so I hope I can be a part of this great team
  21. Twitter/Facebook: @LORDHADE, Facebook: Alvin tam
    Age: 18
    Position: Global moderator
    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I love Girls day
    Comments? Please accept me
  22. First Name: Annie

    Twitter/Facebook: don’t have Facebook, and don’t really use my personal Twitter but you can contact me at this one http://twitter.com/VNTSound

    Age: 18

    Position: Web Designer

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I love Girl’s Day and I love web design so it’d be fun to help out the GDD forum in that way ^_^

    Comments?: Just a suggestion but you should probably sticky this post or put a link to it somewhere on the header so more people will see it ^^;

  23. Form

    First Name: Lyka

    Twitter/Facebook: @cloudtears_

    Age: 14

    Position: contributor, uploader

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: i love Girls Day, plus i want more people know more about girls day … plus i want to help GDD ^^

    Comments? thankyou for seeing my form -^^- thankyouuuu~~^^

  24. First Name: Tiffy

    Twitter/Facebook: Akhenaten18 / http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000632640459

    Age: 19

    Position: Global Mod/Moderator

    Why do you want to be on the GDD team: I love Girl’s Day, I’ve been following Girl’s Day Daily since I can remember and I’ve always wanted it to become a forum so I want to help out as much as possible! ^^

    Comments? I’ve worked on many forums, I also created a few successful forums that are still running. I’ve been a global mod on many forums and moderator and even more forums. I really want to help out on this forum! ♥

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