[PIC/TRANS] 110326 Girl’s Day Hyeri & Coin Jackson’s Eun Bit – Mubank backstage

뮤뱅대기실…ㅋ 정신없는 와중에도! 이게바로 실땅님을 향한 저희들의 마음인겁니닷~!! 히히 보고시포요옹ㅋ 요즘 넘 예뿌신 걸스데이선배님들 반짝반짝. 예쁜 혜리동생 많이 화이팅하셔용♥
Translation: In the waiting room of Music Bank…k. While we’re so busy in the middle of this moment, this picture is for you chief~!! Heehee I miss you k. Twinkle twinkle, Girl’s Day sunbaenims are so pretty nowadays. Hyeri dongsaeng fighting much♥


Source: Coin Jackson Eunbit’s Twitter
translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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