[PICS] 110329 Girl’s Day Minah & Dream Tea Trainees

I’m not 100% sure who are these girls, but i found out that they were in Dream Tea dancing room, so i’m guessing they are Dream Tea Trainees?

Update: It has been confirmed by DTe Manager Sinook that these girls are in fact trainees. We are excited for what’s to come! We support everything Dream Tea~


Source: cyworld.com/9504050

3 thoughts on “[PICS] 110329 Girl’s Day Minah & Dream Tea Trainees

  1. I think they are trainees too :)

    Usually trainees can’t show their face to the public. It’s nice to know that Minah is close to her friends. I presume they’re her friends ^^

  2. Minah ah~ i’m glad she is close with her friends! Hahaha i wonder if she still keeps in touch with Xander oppa!

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