[GIVEAWAY] Girl’s Day Party #3 Limited Edition Autographed CD by Girlsdaydaily (CLOSED)

The giveaway you have been anticipating is finally here! GDD will be giving away 1 signed copy of Girl’s Day Party #3, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ single.

As you may remember our previous giveaways were open to everyone and had simple entry requirements. However, with this giveaway we see it as a good opportunity to do something special for our donors. We have always been thankful for your efforts in helping with Girl’s Day projects, so we want to give back with this exclusive giveaway. All of our donors past and present are eligible for this giveaway. (Staff who have previously received a signed copy of this cd will not be eligible for this event.)

We realize that many will not qualify for this giveaway, but we would love for many more to have a chance to enter and win. With that said, there is still time to donate to our Summer Project of 4 Birthdays and their 1st Year Anniversary.

How exactly will this giveaway work? Donations made to the site;  maintanence, Girl’s Day Projects and Japan Relief will earn you raffle tickets. For every $15 donation, you will earn one raffle ticket. Past donors have already earned raffle tickets but are welcome to collect more to strengthen your chances, this also applies to new donors who would like to earn raffle tickets. The deadline for earning raffle tickets is June 12, 2011. At the end of this deadline, a raffle ticket will be drawn and that will be our winner! Good luck everyone!

1. Your donations will be calculated into raffle tickets.
2. If you wish to make a donation, follow the instructions here: http://www.girlsdaydaily.com/donate/ (As always, once you make a donation leave a comment on that post. We will be using that as a reference to keep track of all donations. We will do our best to update the raffle ticket status as often as possible.)
3. Donors please check that all information is correct, if not provide the information below.
4. If anyone has questions or concerns regarding this giveaway please leave a comment below.

Post your comment;


GDD Donators:

[XMAS PROJECT]: Tammy, Pwmagee, TheFly, whateveryousay, Paul, John N., Drew, Achel
[2011 BDAYS & ANNIVERSARY PROJECT]: Alex K, Paul, Yanwen, Aria, Paul (pwmagee), Johnny (allkpop), Lina K, Rhu, Drew, Norito, Tammy, Chris, James, Nico, Noa, Eric, Stefan…to be updated.

STATUS: (To be updated)

Excluding staff and partners.

Paul (pw) – XMAS Project: $100 / 2011 Project: $100 = $200
Tickets Earned: 13

The Fly – XMAS Project: $200 / 2011 Project: $75 = $275
Tickets Earned: 18

whateveryousay – XMAS Project: $25

Tickets Earned: 1

John N – XMAS Project: $262.58

Tickets Earned: 17

Drew – XMAS Project: $40 / 2011 Project: $150

Tickets Earned: 12

Alex K – 2011 Project:  $20

Tickets Earned: 1

Yanwen – 2011 Project: $25

Tickets Earned: 1

Rhu – 2011 Project: $30

Tickets Earned: 2

Lian – 2011 Project: $50

Tickets Earned: 3

Norito – 2011 Project: $100

Tickets Earned: 6

sus – Japan Relief: $280

Tickets Earned: 18

Chris (illest) – 2011 Project: $200
Tickets Earned: 13

James (ym) – 2011 Project: $50
Tickets Earned: 3

Nico – 2011 Project: $30
Tickets Earned: 2

Noa – 2011 Project: $45
Tickets Earned: 3

Eric (qmupr) – 2011 Project: $60
Tickets Earned: 4

Stefan – 2011 Project: $35
Tickets Earned: 2
Deadline: June 12, 2011

Good luck and thank you!
Girlsdaydaily Staff

5 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Girl’s Day Party #3 Limited Edition Autographed CD by Girlsdaydaily (CLOSED)

  1. i definitely have no chance.i am still a student,how am i going to ask my parents for this donation?but never mind,what to do.
  2. —————CLOSED————–

    Now to address some concerns, this giveaway was simply to thank our donators. All giveaways we’ve done in the past were open to everyone and didn’t require anything, and there’s nothing the matter with doing an exclusive giveaway.^^

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