[PIC/TRANS] 110612 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

우와~~~~연습끝나자마자 바로 달려가서 케이크랑 선물들 편지 모조리 다봤어요.. 완전 감동 감동ㅠㅠ 너무 사진을 올리고 싶은 민낯혜리.. 늦은 생일 이렇게 챙겨주셔서 감사하구용♥_____♥ 최고예요 역시 우리 팬들♥
Translation: Ooahh~~~~ As soon as practice ended I ran over and saw the cake, and all of the presents and letters… Totally overwhelmedㅠㅠ So much desire to upload pictures by this bare faced Hyeri.. Thank you for giving so much on this belated birthday♥_____♥ Our fans are the best♥


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter

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