[PIC] 110622 Girl’s Day Minah – ‘Googims’ Sponsor with ATLASBX Racing Car

걸스데이 2차 촬영~^^
구김스 콜라보레이션 “아트라스 레이싱 팀!!~”
요새 v라인 다이어트 “민아~ 띵똥!!~”
동영상을 캡쳐한거라 화질이 조금 떨어져여~ㅋ

Translation: Girls Day 2nd Shoot ~^^
Googims collaboration “Atlas Racing Team!!~”
These days with v-line from Diet “Minah~ Bingo!!~”
Quality is low because it’s captured from video.

TL Notes: Translated “dding ddong” as bingo as it is the closest to sentiment meant. It is a reference from the drama “Greatest Love”. Quite popular in S Korea at the moment.

Source: Youn Oh Jin (Thanks!)
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