[TEASER] 110704 Girl’s Day – ‘한번만 안아줘’ (Hug Me Once)

Note: On Girl’s Day’s official video, it is also written as ‘Give me a hug’ but they corrected it as ‘Hug Me Once’.


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6 thoughts on “[TEASER] 110704 Girl’s Day – ‘한번만 안아줘’ (Hug Me Once)

  1. Absolutely cant wait for this, Also with it being a physical copy as well now all the fans can get their hands on a GsD CD, ive already preordered mine
  2. I keep watching this. Sooo good. It sounds like a very very good song. I really can’t wait: and I’m happy they have a new song now. It’s the beginning of summer holidays ^^ So I’ll have time to support them and to follow their news! I’m so happy *yay*

    and I just noticed we can register to girlsdaydaily?! I don’t think we could do this when the site was created… Or else I would know since the beginning LOL but I register. Now I’m official member… *nice*

  3. I keep replayin it even though the teaser is short. Minah’s high note I can’t wait. I hope Hyeri and Yura get to sing more and show off their vocals more.

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