[PIC/TRANS] 110712 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

좋은아침! 굿모닝! 오하이오! 짜잔~~~~ 혜리의 지하철 인증샷ㅋ.. 출근길인데도 사람이 별로 없어서 찰칵^^ 오늘따라 이어폰도 안가져와서 한시간동안 멍때렸어요@__@ 오늘하루도 빳샤!!!!하세용!
Translation: Good Morning! Good Morning (says in english)! Ohayo! Ta-daa~~~~ Hyeri’s proof shot for subway. ke.. Not many here even though its the morning commute so snap^^ I didn’t bring the earphone today so I sat blank-faced for an hour! Ajja!!!! today too.


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter

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