[SCANS/TRANS] Girl’s Day Featured in *fans Magazine (June Issue)

Note: Only the parts related to Girl’s Day were translated.


The cute Korean girl group Girl’s Day, formed by leader Sojin, Jihae, Ah Young, the youngest Hyeri and Minah who always shows her cuteness on variety shows. These active girls made it a hot issue as they wore their Yankees costumes, they performed actively on stage and people were affected by their passion immediately.

Wild Minah Doesn’t Care About Her Image
Girl’s Day debuted in July 2010 and they had experienced member changes, Sojin the leader is the eldest and maknae Hyeri is the youngest. For Taiwan’s fans, the most impressive member is Minah! In Korea’s music industry, Minah has the nickname ‘Wild Min’, she certainly is the female version of Jo Kwon! Minah doesn’t care about her image and does funny stuff on variety shows, she always gets support from the fans and the audience, it also takes the opportunity to let Girl’s Day become more well-known.


They Came to Taiwan for the First Time to Show their Passion
May 17th is the first time that Girl’s Day has come to Taiwan, they are the “Saranghae Taiwan! We Are Friends” Concert’s only Korean girl group, compared to Super Junior-M and U-Kiss, they are counted as a new Korean group, they are the first performers for the concert, but they still get cheers from the fans! Especially male fans, five youthful girls with a cheerful dance, mini skirt costumes, they just can’t take their eyes off of the girls!

They Felt Unfortunate About Such a Short Stay (in Taiwan)
Girl’s Day always puts on a kind smile on their faces, they performed 3 Korean songs: Twinkle Twinkle, How Do I Look, Nothing Lasts Forever, they made the atmosphere HIGH from the beginning. While having an interview, they said ‘This is the first time we have come to Taiwan, we are very excited but also a little nervous, we have to go back to Korea tomorrow morning because of our schedule, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have time to walk around in Taiwan, we hope that we’ll come to Taiwan again very soon.’ When they say they don’t have time to stay in Taiwan, Minah made a crying face, it’s very interesting.


On May 17th 1:00 pm, a lot of fans gathered outside of Taipei Junyue Hotel because SJ-M stayed in Taiwan and it was U-Kiss’ second visit to Taiwan. Girl’s Day, who came to Taiwan for the first time for the purpose of the Korea Tourism Organization, attended the press conference, three groups of 20 singers joined the festivities and made the scene very lively!

To Celebrate a Hundred Years of Strengthening Exchanges
To celebrate the founding of a century,Korea Tourism Organization specially organized < SarangHae~Taiwan! We Are Friends Concert >. With this event’s super strong cast,and it’s a non-ticket property concert,so when the event information was revealed, it immediately caused the majority of fans to respond and have discussions,and they did everything possible to attain free admission to the show! The afternoon before the concert,organizers specially invited the media and the singers participated in a press conference,talking about Taiwan’s impression and culture,in hopes that it would let the relationship become closer with each other.

The Korean Groups’ Chinese is Fluent
SJ-M have come to Taiwan for about two months. In particular, in May they have attended a lot of public activities, therefore compared with U-Kiss and Girl’s Day, naturally most are familiar with Taiwan media, with members who can speak in Chinese, they did not have much difficulty with answering the questions in Chinese. In their second visit to Taiwan, U-Kiss’ member Dongho and Eli have studied in China before, therefore their Chinese was also very fluent. Especially the most popular and youngest in the group, Dongho, his Beijing dialect sounds very interesting!



On the Spot, siwon Changed into a Translator.
while siwon and Donghae filmed in Taiwan, in the press conference, their strength in Chinese was tested by the media. Siwon was asked to translate the journalist’s question to Girl’s Day. The question was “What kind of food in Taiwan did you want to eat the most?”. Siwon was very responsive, the question was translated into Korean immediately to Girl’s Day, his Chinese was really good, he also received the media’s appreciation. Although they debuted less than a year ago, it was Girl’s Day’s first time in Taiwan, but they expressed that they have heard of Taiwan’s famous Pearl Milk Tea and Mango Ice before. They also would like to try it!



Source: fans magazine
thanks to Bri~
Translated By: Joey & Jasmine
Edited By: Tammy

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