[EVENT] Celebration of Girl’s Day Daily’s 1st Anniversary!

Girl’s Day Daily will be celebrating their first year anniversary on August 14th. This past year has been an exciting one! We are very proud of Girl’s Day and all they have accomplished in this year and we are happy to see the growth in fans all over the world. We appreciate all the support GDD has received, it’s humbling to look back on the early days and realize how far we have come. This week is all about reflection for us, a year in the making and already we have seen GDD grow from two people spazzing about Girl’s Day to thousands more. It has been enjoyable working behind the scenes supporting Girl’s Day and bringing the latest updates to their fans. Now that the GDD Team has grown, we are even more determined to make the site better for all daisies. We have many plans for this upcoming year so stay tuned!

We would love to celebrate this moment with all of you! We will be hosting a week long event and on each day a new event will be announced. There will be 1 giveaway and 4 contests, you can enter all the events but can only win once. The events are inspired by Girl’s Day and each event will be named after a member.

The winners will receive either a Girl’s Day signed CD or poster.

August 10 – [Hyeri Event] Girl’s Day Inspires Me…Giveaway!
Winner: Ethan/Malaysia
August 11 – [Minah Event] Girl’s Day Photo Contest!
Winner: Jenny/USA
August 12 – [Yura Event] Girl’s Day Art Contest!
Winner: Van Linh Phan Ngoc/Italy
August 13 – [Jihae Event] Girl’s Day One-Shot Fanfic Contest!
Winner: Winona/Canada
August 14 – [Sojin Event] Girl’s Day Video Contest!
Winner: Chris/Philippines

Good luck everyone!
The GDD Team

21 thoughts on “[EVENT] Celebration of Girl’s Day Daily’s 1st Anniversary!

  1. Oh my, this is gonna be a busy, Imma stalk GDD twitter from now on hehe.
    Thanks for the event and happy Bday!
  2. Wow!! What a nice idea! =) but so, if I win for example a poster, I won’t be able to win an album? =D
  3. YAY! I just sent in my entry! hehe i hope i win! :) thank u GirlsDayDaily for this amazing contest! ^___^
  4. omgggggg O.O O.O nooo wayyy
    thank you soooooo much!!!! xD
    i didn’t think i would actually win!! xD
    thankk you!!!!!!!

    and one question how do i tell her my address?
    cauz i don’t want to tweet it since then everyone can see it

  5. O-M-G O_________________O i can’t believe it!!!!!!
    °W° yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w< i'm too happy!!! thank you!!!! love GGD <3

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