[PIC/TRANS] 110914 Girl’s Day Me2Day Update

걸스데이 ‘너, 한눈팔지마!’ 음악사이트 경품 ‘고양이와 선인장’입니다. 많이 응모하셔서 음악과 함께 선물 당첨되는 기회를 ^^ 원태연 작가님~ 감사해요!
Translation: This is Girls Day “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander!” music site’s  “Cat and the Catcus” gift. Enter a lot to get chances to win the gift with music. Composer Won Tae Won, thank you.

TL Note:  cat and cactus is reference to this:  Cat and Cactus vid


Source: gsd me2day
Translated By: ricardox

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