[PIC/TRANS] 111025 Girl’s Day Me2Day Update

여기는 하와이 코나빈스 커피 농장^^~ 꿀맛 같은 휴식.. 커피 원료 생산과정 배우며 제대로 된 커피 맛을 알 수 있는 좋은 기회였어여~ 민아 대신 미모의 커피농장 주인 딸과 함께 찰칵! 민아도 함께 왔으면 좋았을텐데…”
Translation: We are in Hawaii enjoying some time off, and learning about how coffee is produced, starting with its most raw ingredients! It was a good opportunity for us to learn what real coffee tastes like. We are posing with the coffee farm’s owner’s daughter Malia, in place of our Minah. We wish Minah was here with us…


Source: Girl’s Day’s me2day
Translated By: leesa @ allkpop (thanks!)

2 thoughts on “[PIC/TRANS] 111025 Girl’s Day Me2Day Update

  1. you know i lived in hawaii my whole life and i hardly do the shaka. looks like jihae is looking the wrong way. nice picture though.

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