[PIC/TRANS] 111030 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

Minah: 유라언니와 조조 리얼스틸을 봤다 우왕…. 너무 재밌는거 아니숑?>_< ♥
Translation: Minah: Came to see matinee of “Real Steel” with Yura unnie.. Woah.. Isn’t it just too fun?>_< ♥

Yura: 보는내내!같이펀치날리느라 내가힘들엇당ㅠㅠ 완전재미써!!!*.*
Translation: Yura: It was hard for me to keep punching along with the movie. T.T Totally fun!!!!*.*

Hyeri: 너무 민낯인거 아니숑?ㅎ.ㅎ
Translation: Hyeri: Isn’t that just a bit too barefaced? heh. heh.


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: ricardox

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