[PIC/TRANS] 111105 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

오늘 코나빈스 강남점 무사히 오픈했습니다~~^^ 너무 많은 분들이 와주셔서 엄청 즐거웠고 감사합니다^^ 벌써 유라언니와 제가 일년이 돼었네요 하나하나 다챙겨주시는 여러분들!! 정말감사드려요 앞으로도 사랑해주세요♥쪽
Translation: Kang-nam Kona Beans store was opened with any incidents~~^^ It was fun and we were thankful that so many people came^^ It’s already been a year for Yura unnie and I. To all those that take care of us at every important day(!!) we truly thank you and please continue to love us♥


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated By: ricardox

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