[TRANS] 111114 Girl’s Day Hyeri – HERA Fancafe Message

오늘 기온이 뚝!…떨어졌어요 ㅠㅠ 이제 겨울이 시작되었나봐요~~감기 조심하세요 여러분..
혹시 수능 보시는 분들도 계셨나요~?^^ 수능 떨지않구 잘 보셨죠!!!!?
모두 너무너무 수고 하셨습니다~~^^ 가고싶은 대학 꼭 붙으시길 바라구요!!
다른 분들도 곧 시험이실텐데 모두모두 다 잘보시길 바라구요~~^^
저희는 요즘에 다음달에 진행될 일본 콘서트 준비로 눈 코 뜰새 없이 바쁘게 지내고 있답니다!!!!
한국에서도 여러분들이 응원 많~이 많이 해주시면 찾아뵐수있을거예용!!
헤라 요새 활동 뜸한거 같은데….? 다 지켜보구 있습니다ㅡㅡ^ 혼나요 자꾸 그러면!!!!ㅎㅎ
혜리도 항상 힘내구 파이팅 할테니까 여러분들도 항상 건강하시구 화이팅!!
내일 저는 SBS Mtv The Show 녹화가 있어요^^ 많이 응원해주시고
항상 열심히 하는 혜리 되겠습니다!!^^ 1주년 축하해주셔서 너무너무 감사드려요~^^
사소한거 하나하나 모두 챙겨주시는 헤라가 있기에!!
저는 너무나도 행복합니다~~~~~~^______________________________^
모두 감기 조심하시구요!! 좋은 꿈꾸세요~~~♥



Today the temperature dropped down… a lot! ㅠㅠ I think the winter has started~~ Be careful of the cold everyone..
Is there anyone here who took Suneung (Korean SAT)~?^^ Did you do well without any nervousness!!!?
You all have done a very very good job~^^ I hope you get accepted into the college you want to!!
I guess most of you will take the final exam soon, so I hope you do well on that exam~~^^
We’re currently very busy preparing for the Japan concert which will be held next month!!!
I think we will be able to see you next time if you could cheer a lot in Korea for us!!
It seems to me that Hera become inactive lately in here….? I’m watching all of youㅡㅡ^ !!!! You shall be punished if you don’t stop being inactive !!!! hehe
I Hyeri will always cheer myself up and do fighting, and so I hope you’ll always keep healthy and do fighting!!!
Tomorrow I’m going to record for SBS MTV The Show^^ Cheer me up a lot so that I will always try harder!!^^ I appreciate all of you so much for celebrating my 1 year anniversary~!
Thanks to Hera that care about every small things from me!! I’m very happy~~~~~~^______________________________^
Everyone be careful of the cold!! Have a good dream~~~♥


Source: Hyeri’s Fancafe HERA ~ HERA짱!
Translation By: Sen (thank you sen ^^)

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