[PICS/TRANS] 120316 Jevice Ji Ae Twitter Update with Sojin & Hyeri

Note: Ji Ae, is also known as Hana which is a member of Jevice, Dream Tea’s new female duo.


오늘은 안무 수업 일찍 끝나고 혜리랑 Yo!! 소진언니는 뭘그렇게 심오하게 보시는지Yo!! 비오는 강남거리는 뭔가 심난해요 무슨일이있나..?
Translation: Today we ended our dance lesson early and this is me with Hyeri. Yo!! What is Sojin unnie looking at so seriously, Yo!! I’m feeling something profound in the rainy Gangnam street. What happened..?


Source: Ji Ae’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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