[INFO] Girl’s Day 2nd Mini Album ‘Everyday II’

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A comeback after 8 months, Girl’s Day’s mini album ‘Everyday II’

A 5-member popular girl group Girl’s Day will be coming back after 8 months with a hit song to follow ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Hug Me Once’.

Girl’s Day’s new release, after taking a long hiatus, comes with a total of 4 songs, 3 new songs of which consist of the title song ‘OH! MY GOD’, ‘Two of Us’, and ‘Telepathy’, including the existing song ‘Don’t Flirt’. The concept of the second mini album Everyday II aims to be cutey+vivid+sexy that Girl’s Day’s well-known image as cute and cheerful will be added with mature to show you another charm of them.

The title song ‘OH! MY GOD’ is composed by Kang Ji Won & Kim Ki Bum, who also composed Secret’s hit song ‘Starlight Moonlight’. The song is a dance song with an electronic sound featured as the addictive melody in the chorus part, and with an addition of shuffle-paced rhythm for maximizing upbeat feel. The song’s lyrics talk about accusing a boyfriend of not being extroverted and sensible in a cute manner.

One thing to give notice to the album with an interest is that both the lyrics/melody of the song ‘Telepathy’, which expresses a fluctuating mind of a girl who finds her ideal type and tries to attract him with telepathy, are composed by Sojin the oldest unnie in Girl’s Day. It’s worth giving a listen to the first work of Sojin who has been dreaming of becoming a singer-songwriter.


01. Two of Us
02. Oh! My God
03. Don’t flirt
04. Telepathy
05. Oh! My God (Inst)

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  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! OH! MY GOD! TO EXCITED!! I can’t wait to listen! I keep playing Twinkle Twinkle until the 18th! I will wear my best GsD Clothing that day! Girl’s Day I await you!!! FIGHTING! <3

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