[PIC/TRANS] 120409 Bae Yoon Jeong Twitter Update with Girl’s Day Minah

Note: Bae Yoon Jeong is the owner of Hotchicks as well as a dancer with this choreography team. This team has worked with many artists in the industry.

누비데려가구싶다람쥐~~ 다람쥐~~ RT @hotchicksbyj: 까부리민아랑 멍멍이누비 ㅎㅎ
Translation: I wanna take Nubi with me~~ with me~~ RT @hotchicksbyj: Minah the frolicky and Nubi the puppy hh.


Source: Bae Yoon Jeong & Minah’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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