[TRANS] 120412 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update & Girl’s Day Conversation

Sojin: 삶이 나를 억척스럽게 만든다. 약한 내가 건강하려고 억척스레 버티며 운동했고, 약한 내가 강해지려 억척스레 연습했다,얼만큼이던 다져지고 있음에 감사하기도 하며, 또한 이런내가 슬프고 받아들이기 싫기도 하다, 평온하며 고요한가운데 행복하고싶다.
Translation: Life has made me unrelenting. For this weak me to be healthier, I have endured and exercised unrelentingly, and for this weak me to be stronger, I have practiced unrelentingly. Though I’m appreciative of finding myself getting strengthened to a degree, I also find myself sad and hate to accept me being like this. In peacefulness and calmness, I want to be happy.

Yura: @Girls_Day_Sojin ♥행복할거예요
Translation: ♥You shall be happy.

Hyeri: @Girls_Day_Sojin 이제 세상을 우리시대로 만듭시다 언니!! 아자!!!! 튼튼한동생들이 따르고있으니 돈워리~ 비해피~~~~
Translation: Now let’s lead the world into our era, unnie!! Aja!!!! You have us healthy dongsaengs so don’t worry~ be happy~~~~

Sojin: @Girls_Day_Yura 응… 잘살아봅시다♥
Translation: @Girls_Day_Yura Yeah…. Let’s live happily♥


Source: Sojin, Yura & Hyeri’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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