[PIC/TRANS] 120415 Girl’s Day Jihae Twitter Display Picture & Profile Update

Jihae also updated her profile description:
솔직 정의 행복 사랑 이해 용서 심리 웃음 언어 음악 춤 학교 열정 희열 짜릿 무감각 냉정 기분 노력 소질 꿈 미래 연기 슬픔 내면 책 노트북 스타일링 악세사리 옷 킬힐 면허 자동ㅊㅏ ♥……
Translation: Honesty, Justice, Happiness, Love, Understanding, Forgiving, State of Mind, Laughter, Language, Music, Dance, School, Passion, Delight, Thrill, Senselessness, Coolness, Mood, Endeavor, Aptitude, Dream, Future, Acting, Sorrow, The Inside, Book, Laptop, Accessories, Clothes, Kill Heels, Driver License, Car♥……


Source: Jihae’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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