[PIC/TRANS] 120424 Girl’s Day Minah Tweeting About U-KISS’ Comeback

Originally U-KISS’ Dongho tweeted this picture.

유키스 활동재미지게하세용~>_< 대박나랏~!!RT 유키스 돌아돌아! 음원공개됬습니다!ㅎ 트친분들 무한할튀,무한홍보 부탁드려요ㅎ 유키스 1위갑니다!!!ㅎ 키스미사랑해요!!!ㅎㅎ #ukissdoradora
Translation: Have fun with the U-Kiss’ promotion~ >_< I wish it be daebak~!! RT U-Kiss Dora Dora! The song has been released! h Twitter buddies, RT it infinite times, please spread it out infinitely h. U-Kiss will be heading for the #1!!! h I love you all Kissme!!! hh #ukissdoradora


Source: Minah & Dongho’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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