[INTERVIEW] 120425 Girl’s Day, they felt pressured to change their image? “Please anticipate more of our charms”

The fresh, cheerful, and cute girl group Girl’s Day(Sojin, Yura, Jihae, Minah, Hyeri) has come back to us with the second mini album ‘Everyday II’ after 8 months of hiatus.

Girl’s Day, who held the showcase on the 18th to inform us of their successful comeback, is meeting the public through various music shows, stepping forward from their previous image as young girls by giving off their mature charms.

Furthermore, Girl’s Day is planning to hold their second concert in Japan in upcoming May, in addition that they are expanding their range of individual activities as actresses. They promised us to show their improvement in the future.


◇ Adding ‘sexy’ to ‘cutesy’, “In fact we felt a bit burdened”

‘Oh! My God’, the title song of Girl’s Day’s second album ‘Everyday II’, is a song that tries to deliver a new change to their cheerful image by putting a sexy feel in it.

In regard to this, Minah said, “We were nervous and also excited because it’s a comeback after 8 months,” and introduced us the the concept of the album, “We didn’t put any extra effort to look more sexy, it’s rather that we got the sexy image naturally as time went by.”

She continued, “In fact, we felt burdened(because we’re more known for our cute image),” confessing her feeling of being burdened about the change to their image.

However, they revealed that they still have many charms to show us, and promised that they will show us how they keep improving and changing themselves.

On this matter, Hyeri, who is the maknae and the only high school student in Girl’s Day, said and brought us laughter, “Each member has a lot of their own charms so we’re thinking of showing the matured sexy side of Girl’s Day, which is completely different from we had ever before, but since I’m still a minor, I think it will be only viable after I become an adult.”


◇ The splendid showcase, and the behind-the-scenes stories

Back on the 18th, Girl’s Day held the showcase at CGV in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, to celebrate the release of their mini album and it garnered much interest.

In particular, Sojin gained much attention at the showcase, saying, “The self-composed song ‘Telepathy’ in this album is meant to be my own defiance towards the songs I usually listen to.”

On the comment of her, she made a clarification, “It didn’t actually mean to be a defiance towards the music itself. Personally I was in a long slump regarding the music, so in order to overcome it, I challenged myself to compose a song.”

Hyeri, who got a funny yet sad nickname called “Kill Heel Syndrome” when she was spotted while standing with the back of her heels up in air in bare feet, looked embarrassed to hear it and explained, “It wasn’t on purpose. Since I’m in a girl group, I guess I just did my usual behavior without me realizing it.”

Jihae said about her personal talent that showcased her powerful rapping skills in English, “There wasn’t any special meaning or messsage in doing that. I like Nicki Minaj and that’s why I sang it,” and on hearing her remark, Minah jokingly said and evoked some laughter, “Isn’t that because you don’t understand the English lyrics?”

Meanwhile, Minah showed much interest in going on a date at the showcase and officially requested, surprising everyone around there, “Dear CEO, please allow me (to date)”.

Minah added, “Now that I’m 20 and I’ve become an adult, honestly I’m much interested in dating,” and confessed, “Moreover, since I haven’t had a date with a guy, I have a lot of expectation from it, hoping it to be like a fairytale”.

Hyeri also revealed her thought, “Actually I’m much interested in it too, but I’m the maknae and a minor so I don’t open up about it”.


◇ Promoting songs along with advancing to acting, “Busy and busy”

On the upcoming 28th, Hyeri will be playing her role in SBS weekend drama ‘Tasty Life’ as Jung Mi Hyun, Im Chae Moo’s youngest daughter in the drama.

As an actress who takes her first step in the acting career, Hyeri shared her impression, “At first I was a bit scared, but many other actors helped me with acting so I was able to finish my scenes without any problem,” and then added, “However, that gave me a thought that the filming of a drama is a hard job and I think I can’t show my scenes to the other members (due to my embarrassment)”.

Hyeri complimented Minah, who has already debuted in MBN sitcom ‘Vampire Idol’ and labeled her as acting-dol, expressing her envy for Minah, “I saw her acting and thought she was so good. Her role fit her well in the sitcom”.

Besides, Yura, who has started her career as an actress with the Chinese drama ‘Secret Angel’ starring Jang Woo Hyuk and Kim So Eun, showed her anticipation, “Currently 5 episodes of the drama were aired. I’m much interested in acting and I’m glad I’m starred in a good drama like this. I hope (this opportunity) will lead me to enter the Chinese drama industry”.


◇ 2nd anniversary since their debut, “We’re thinking of releasing a regular album within this year”

This year Girl’s Day will be having their 2nd anniversary, and in celebration for the anniversary they’re currently thinking of releasing their first ever full-length album.

Sojin said and raised our expectation, “I hear that the agency is also considering releasing the full-length album for the celebration of our 2nd anniversary. Maybe if the production of the album is finalized, then it might be released within this year”.

And she continued and got a big cheer from the other members, promising us to come with another self-composed song for the next album, “In this album, I had to compose a cute song so that it fits into the overall atmosphere of the album, but the next time I’ll compose a song with a cool style.”

In response to the question of who their role models are, Girl’s Day chose ‘Shinhwa’ without hesitation, “We’d like to remain unchanged as long as they did for over 10 years. As idols, and as our seniors, we respect them and they look so great. Shinhwa sunbaenim jjang,” confirming their determination to be the long lasting idols who receive love from people for a long time.


Source: Daum
Translated By: Senavix

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