[PIC/TRANS] 120428 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

안녕 여러분?? 미현이 잘 보셨나요.. 어찌보셨을지 궁금하네용ㅎㅎ 1회부터 끝까지 대박나라~~ 응원해주세요^^낼은 도전천곡보구 인기가요보구 맛있는인생보구 밤에는? 정선희선배님 오늘같은밤 듣기~~ 내일 만나용 굿밤♥
Translation: Hello everyone?? Did you enjoy seeing Mihyun..? I wonder how you liked it. hh I wish the drama to be daebak from the 1st episode to the end~~ Please cheer for it.^^ Tomorrow you’ll watch 1000 Song Challenge and Inkigayo and Tasty Life, and at night? You’ll hear Jung Sun Hee sunbaenim’s A Night Like Today~~ See you tomorrow, good night♥


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter
translated By: Senavix

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