[PIC/TRANS] 120607 Rainbow No Eul Twitter Update with Girl’s Day Jihae

It’s great to see these friends get some free time to spend together. No Eul was finally able to meet Jihae’s baby Bbooggoo.^^

꺄~>_<드뎌 울 지해 아가 뿌꾸♥를 만났당+_+너무 귀여워서 미쳐버릴 뻔~0~ㅋㅋ아가 덥다구 물병 배 위에 올려주니까 시원하다구 몸을 아주 그냥 뒤로 젖히는데..ㅋ못말리는 인기남 귀요미 뿌꾸♥히히
Translation: kkyah~ >_< I finally met Jihae’s baby, bbuggu♥ +_+ He’s so cute I almost lost my mind ~0~ keke The baby was hot and I put a water bottle on his belly so he became cool and his body just leaned back a lot.. ke nonstop popularity cutie boy bbuggu♥ heehee

Jihae: @No_Eul 우와 이뿌게나와따!!!!으히히^^
Translation: Wow, it came out pretty!!!! heehee ^^

No Eul: @Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅂㅋ내가 사진 하나는 잘 찍지!ㅎ막 요러구ㅎ뿌꾸 귀엽게 잘 나왔지?ㅎㅅㅎ
Translation: I took that one photo of myself well, right? heh 막 요러구 heh bbuggu came out well, right?

Jihae: @No_Eul 웅 엄청 잘찍었어 우하하 ^^
Translation: Yeah, you totally took it well haha ^^


Source: No Eul & Jihae’s Twitter
thanks to @SookieBunnie of Visual Glow & Shirina for translation

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