[PIC/TRANS] 120608 Girls Day Yura Twitter Update

아~우리팬들 벌써부터 보고싶네요?♥.♥하트뿅뿅~~~ 저희보고싶어도 조금만 참기>.< 다함께 외쳐보아요 너한눈 팔지마!!!-.-+히히
Translation: Ah~ our fans already miss us? ♥.♥ heart bbyong bbyong~~~ Even though you miss us, hold on for just a little bit >.< Let’s try shouting out “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander” together!!! -.- heehee

(TN: 뿅/bbyong is a slang term that is used as [1] a sound effect for someone/something disappearing [2] an interjection showing excitement [3] a form of ‘suddenly’)


Source: Yura’s Twitter
Thanks to Shirina for translation.

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