[PROJECT] Girl’s Day 2nd Anniversary Magazine: Submit Your Fan Art!

Yesterday you saw the sneak peek of our Girl’s Day 2nd Anniversary Magazine Cover. In the magazine we will include your translated messages to Girl’s Day along with other fun and creative pages for Girl’s Day.

The GDD team also wanted to invite fans to submit their fan art to be included in the magazine. Since we will be sending their support package the first week of July, the deadline for submissions will be June 21.

How to submit your fan art:
Leave a comment below;
1) Name
2) Location
3) Twitter (Optional)
4) Link to fan art (You can upload it to any photo sharing site.)

Note: Must be your original artwork! Drawings of either Girl’s Day as a group or an individual member.

We look forward to your submissions and we know Girl’s Day will love it too!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

One thought on “[PROJECT] Girl’s Day 2nd Anniversary Magazine: Submit Your Fan Art!

  1. Hi there! It’s 16 June over here i’m wondering if i’m still able to submit my fan-art. If that’s ok, here are my particulars:

    1) Name: Kaelyn/캐린
    2) Location: Singapore
    3) Twitter: @byeolyeol
    4) http://i.imgur.com/KwSXX.jpg

    thank you so much!! ^ ^

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