[TRANS] 120616 Girls Day Yura Twitter Update

우리팬들 귀여우숑~>.<우리가 눈팅안하면 누가한다궁! 저희맘다 텔레파시로 안받으셨어요!!?!? 우린늘 지켜보고있따구여-_-+히힛 이글에 뜨끔하시는 분들 손!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: Our fans are cute~>.< Who else would do noonting* other than us! Haven’t all of you got our heart yet via telepathy!!?!? We’re watching over you all the time.-_-+ Heheh raise your hand if you feel ashamed reading this!!! kkkk

*Noonting/Nunting(눈팅 = 눈(Nun, Korean word for eye)+미팅(meeting)) : A Korean term equivalent of ‘Lurking,’ which means quietly keeping a watch on and reading other people’s words without writing anything at all.


Source: Yura’s Twitter
Translated By: Sen

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