[PICS/TRANS] 120711 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update with Jevice

Note: Jevice is Dream Tea’s upcoming duo. It’s great to see Girl’s Day supporting and guiding them. Let’s look forward to Yura’s rap in their new song!

우리 주비스 오늘 녹음하는날! 응원다녀왔찌요오, 우리유라가 랩피쳐링도 했어요XD!! 주비스 새로운곡 기대해주세요^•^!! 주비스대바아아아악!!
Translation: Today is the day Jevice recorded a song! We went there to cheer for them. Yura’s rap is also featured in the song XD!! Please look forward to Jevice’s new song^•^!! Jevice daebaaaak!!


Source: Sojin’s Twitter
Translated By: Sen

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