[TRANS] 120713 Girl’s Day Japan Twitter & Ameblo Update

EveryDay Girl’s Day♪Girl’s Dayペンの皆様、アンニョンハセヨ~^^GsD特集番組が放送されますよ~詳しくは公式ブログでチェックしてくださいね!http://t.co/YNiLayss

Translation:EverydDay Girl’s Day♪Girl’s Day fans, Hello~ ^^ Girl’s Day will have a special report broadcast program. For more details check the blog! http://t.co/YNiLayss

According to Girl’s Day Japan’s ameblo update, the show will be called 韓タメ!POP (Han Dame! Pop) and it will air on Fuji-TV, on the following days.

7/20(Friday) 22:30~23:00(10:30~11:00pm)
【Report Broadcast】
7/22(Sunday) 27:30~28:00(03:30~04:00am)
7/25(Wednesday) 27:30~28:00(03:30~04:00am)
7/27(Friday) 22:30~23:00(10:30~11:00am)
7/28(Saturday) 11:30~12:00
7/29(Sunday) 27:30~28:00(03:30~04:00am)
7/31(Tuesday) 15:00~15:30(03:00~03:30pm)
8/01(Wednesday) 22:30~23:00(10:30~11:00pm)
8/02(Thursday) 21:00~21:30(09:00~09:30am)


source; @girlsdayjp | ameblo.jp/girlsdayjp
translated by Rie

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