[PICS/TRANS] 120717 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

다들 삼계탕드셔야죠>_< 오오옷 삼계탕을 찾는사람들이 많군요 유라언니와 혜리와 삼계탕먹는중
Translation: Everyone should eat Samgyetang. >_< Ohh I notice a lot of people order Samgyetang. I’m eating Samgyetang with Yura unnie and Hyeri.

Note: Samgyetang(삼계탕) is a Korean ginseng chicken soup which is often served during the summer for people who seek to recover lack of nutrients. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samgyetang

사진을 안올렸넹…힛 자랑해야지
Translation: Forgot to post these photos…heh I’m gonna boast.

**Note: The Pics were posted with the second tweet.


Source: Minah’s twitter
Translated By: Sen

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