[TRANS] 120727 Girl’s Day Sojin Fancafe Message

하악하악 땡볕에 말라 죽을거 같은 날씨에요 헉헉
너무 더워요 헉헉
우리 민아찡은 지끔 라디오 영스트리트 갓꾸
다른 멤버들은 연습실서 헉헉 하구 있어여 키키

팬분들도 너무너무 덥죠?ㅠ
일하실때 애기선풍기 요즘 유에스비 꽂는거 많더라그여^^
에어컨 아끼구 선풍기바람으로 버텨요!!
자주자주 찬물에손씻구^^
비타민두 챙겨 드시구여어~~

더운 여름 힘내요!!
걸스데이 노래 들으시면서 히히히

난 누구노래 듣지……………….?



Ha-ak Ha-ak (sound-tired) This weather is so scorching hot, might even die of dehydration Huk-Huk (more sound-tired).
It’s too hot Huk-Huk.
Our Minah now went(cute typo) to Radio Young Street
Other members are in the practice rooms going Huk-Huk, hehe.

It’s hot for all our fans right? T.T
When you work, I heard recently there are mini-electric fans where you put in your USB^^
Save your air conditioning power, and survive with electric fan!!

(At the time, Korea was having some electrical shortage problems)

Also wash your hands in cold water often^^
Don’t forget your vitamins~~

In the hot summer, everyone fighting!!
While listening to Girl’s Day songs hehehe

Hmmm… who should I listen to…………………….?


Source: DAI5Y CAFE
translated By: Kimoleon

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