[PICS/TRANS] 120729 Girls Day Minah & Sojin Twitter Update

Minah: 우린강남스똬일~ 보고있나 윤주언니!!?
Translation: We are Gangnam Style~ Do you see us, YoonJu Unnie!!?

Sojin: Girls_Day_Sojin: 하 그비율그포스어찌따라하리오 멋져요윤주언니꺅~~~ RT @Girls_Day_Minah: 우린강남스똬일~ 보고있나 윤주언니!!?
Translation: Girls_Day_Sojin: ha! The ratio, the pose… how are you going to follow that? You’re awesome, Yoonju unnie. kkyak~~~ RT @Girls_Day_Minah: We’re Kangnam style~ Do you see us, Yoonju unnie!!?


Source: Sojin & Minah’s Twitter
Translation By: Rie/Shirina

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