[PICS/TRANS] 120812 Girl’s Day — ‘KITTY ROBOT’ Event

Participating in a special event in Roppongi Hills, Japan, Girl’s Day has been selected to offer their wishes for those in a future generation with KittyRobot.

Resembling Hello Kitty, these particular robots have been modeled after the five wonderful members of Girl’s Day. Girl’s Day will be participating in this event alongside many other famous Japanese idol groups, celebrities and major brands and designer labels, as well as fellow Korean idols, N-TRAIN.

The theme of this event is “A Message to the Future” and is mostly targeted at a child to adolescent range audience.

Attached to each robot is a message:

Translation: Never forget that pure imagination, brimming with curiosity!

Translation: Let’s smile a lot more to brighten our future selves.
Without fail, The winter will pass and the spring will visit.
Always, All your life, Everyday, be happy, together we’ll work our best!

Translation: Often parents say Please Study Hard!
If you want this for yourself, Please go forth with that goal!
fight! but most importantly, maintain your health!

Translation: Minah, who is suddenly 20 years old.
How old are those of you reading this message?
Whether younger or older than me, always be happy! Everyday SMILE!

Translation: My imagination for the future is always filled with hope.
Please continue to have a dream filled with hope, too!
Also, We would be grateful if you would remember Girl’s Day’s songs!

The event is set to be help in Roppongi Hills from August 12th until August 18th!


Source: KittyRobot Japan via Girls Day Japan Facebook
translated By: Rie

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