[TRANS] 120815 Girl’s Day Sojin, Yura and Minah Tweeting About ‘To the Beautiful You’ Drama

Yura: 오늘 sbs 아름다운그대에게 첫방이네요!! 다들 본방사수 할꺼죠?>.<♥ Translation: Today is the first broadcast for SBS’s ‘To Beautiful You’!! You will all watch right? >.<♥ Minah: 오늘 밤 10시!!!! SBS 드라마 ‘아름다운그대에게’ 우리 유라언니가 나옵니당!!! 크쿠쿠 다들 맛있는거 싸들고 가족들과 티비앞에 앉아서 재미지게보기~~~!!>_< Translation: Tonight at 10pm!!!! SBS Drama ‘To Beautiful You’ our Yura-unni will be on!!! Kukuku everyone grab yummy food and enjoy watching together with your family~~~!!>_< Yura: @Girls_Day_Minah 역띠우리민아우쮸쮸
Translation: @Girls_Day_Minah As expected(cute typo) of our Minah oo-jjuu-jjuu(sounds).
(T/N: The sound can be described as babying the other person, also used for “good job here’s a treat”)

Sojin: 지금, 괜히 트위터를 켰다껐다 하고 타임라인을 올렸다 내리는 분들은 ,지금 빨리 섹시하고 귀엽고 엉뚱한 매력천지 걸!스!데!이!유라가 나오는 SBS 아름다운.그.대.에게를 시청합니다! HURRY UP! 세상 꽃남꽃녀들 다 나온다함 (수근수근)
Translation: Right now, for all the people refreshing twitter putting your timeline up and down, right now hurry and watch the sexy, cute, with silly charms Geol!Seu!Dae!Ee, Yura’s appearance on the SBS “To Beautiful You”, watching now! HURRY UP! I heard the world’s beautiful guys and girls are coming on (whisper whisper)


Source: Sojin, Yura & Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: Kimoleon

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