[TRANS] 120820 Girl’s Day Jihae Twitter Update

지해-주룩주룩주룩주룩.비온뒤맑음?일단 폭풍후 맑음 우루루쾅쾅! 나는 반짝반짝해님이시다 *•*-*•*☀
Translation: Jihae – Jureuk-jureuk-jureuk-jureuk (sound of rain falling). After the rain clears? At least after the storm it’s clear ururukwangkwang! (sound – things collapsing) I am twinkle twinkle Sun*-nim! *•*-*•*☀
(T/N: Most likely a play on words, Hae being part of Jihae’s name and we know how much Jihae likes using puns.)


Source: Jihae’s Twitter
Translated By: Kimoleon

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