[NEWS] 121017 Woo Jihae No Longer a Member of Girl’s Day & a Message from GDD

Please read our update regarding this matter here.

Dream Tea has officially announced that Jihae will no longer be promoting as a member of Girl’s Day. Read more about the announcement here. After reading the article many have questioned, what does this mean for Jihae’s future and will she ever return as a member of Girl’s Day? To answer this question and to understand it further we must look to Jihae’s letter here.


“To fans, this is Jihae.
I’m sorry to put all of you in worry all this time.
You must have worried a lot.
Starting this coming album, I Jihae, will not be able
to be together with Girl’s Day.. I have decided to go
back to studying after my university leave of absence from being a singer has come to an end. Thank you so much for giving me much love as a member of Girl’s Day. I feel sorry and thankful for the fans who were always there for me.. I will do my best for the future so look forward to it, please send lots of love to Girl’s Day as well~ ^^

Woo Jihae”

This news may be shocking to many but some had discerned this may be the outcome since Jihae for awhile now was not actively promoting with Girl’s Day. When the media first addressed this issue, there was a misconception of the situation due to recent events affecting other artists. We need to make one thing clear; the rumor about Jihae being bullied is false and was an incorrect assumption of why Jihae was absent. This is NOT the reason why Jihae is leaving the group. All sincere fans and onlookers will realize this when observing Girl’s Day on stage, off stage, during their schedules and behind the scenes; they always had genuine love and respect for each other.

At this time many are saddened and disappointed over this news and naturally there are more questions than answers. However, we do know the important answers; this is something that Jihae wanted and due to her own reasons she will move on from the group and will focus on her studies.

Over the past months, many concerned fans have approached GDD and asked about Jihae’s well being and whereabouts. We shared Dream Tea’s statement that it was due to personal/health reasons that she was away and that we would be in a better position to discuss it when Girl’s Day made a comeback. It was always in the best interests of everyone to wait on Dream Tea and Jihae to make an official announcement.

We sincerely want to express a few words to fans and visitors to this site. Jihae has been with us since day 1 and is special to all DAI5Y. These past two years we have supported her as a member of Girl’s Day but from this day forward we support her as Woo Jihae. ‘Girl’s Day Daily’ site’s main purpose is to support and show our love for Girl’s Day, while promoting them by sharing updates on their activities. GDD will continue to support Girl’s Day, Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri alongside our fellow DAI5Y. Above all else, we want our girls to be happy and that means supporting them in their decisions and future endeavors. It is with somber hearts that we share these thoughts with you. It is up to each individual how we will respond to this news but our only hope is that we all respect and support Dream Tea, Girl’s Day and Jihae at this time. Let’s continue to love our girls and wish them success in their lives. Girl’s Day will be making a comeback as four members and our support of them will not waver.

In conclusion, the unfortunate event of Jihae’s departure from Girls Day has become a reality, however she can still remain in our hearts for the time she showed us her great charm, personality and talent. This difficult situation can only become better by our support of whatever endeavor Girl’s Day or Jihae should pursue. This is the time for DAI5Y to come together for support and to help each other keep our heads up in anticipation for Girls Day’s comeback.

Thank you for reading these words.

The GDD Team


Source: thestar.chosun | allkpop | Jihae’s Twitter
translated By: cur

10 thoughts on “[NEWS] 121017 Woo Jihae No Longer a Member of Girl’s Day & a Message from GDD

  1. Aww. Jihae unni. I hope the rest of the Girl’s Day members stay strong and keep in touch with Jihae.
    Girl’s Day FIGHTING!
  2. I’m happy for Jihae. She’s steering her life the way she feels best, which is a lot more than most others in her industry can say. I was worried at first, but now I see that I’m wrong. She’s savvy and has a plan for that next surf (read: next step in life). “She doesn’t need luck, she has ammo” (ME 3 Grunt reference)

    Cold City Woman Jihae, go out there and give them hell! You were born to do this! Don’t let your eyes wander from your dreams!

  3. i’m so sad with the fact that the very person who introduced girl’s day to me(because she’s my bias haha no, she’s the person who captivated my heart the first time i saw twinkle twinkle) left the group. i know many were sadden by the news coz im one of them haha but i will still love and support her. she’ll always be in my heart and like what she said, i’ll love and support girl’s day.. jihae’s worth my tears . haha
  4. I hope they add someone after this current comeback, that way it doesn’t mess up all their 5 person choreos. I really do not want this to spiral into something bigger and threatening the existence of the whole group.

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