[PICS/TRANS] 121110 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Updates

흥! 쏠로여도! 내겐 팬들이 있다! 키키^^ 빼빼로바구니인증샷 ~~ :) 마지막 사진 비닐 못뜯는 사진 아니져! 빼빼로 물고 못하는 윙크…
Translation: Heung! Even if I’m solo! I have my fans! Keke^^ Pepero basket confirmation shot~~ :) The last picture isn’t a picture of not being able to take off the plastic! Biting the pepero and flying failed wink^^ Keke Thank you! Bow!

Note: Sojin seemed to have a problem with Twitpic, so the pictures posted, weren’t actually posted with the tweet as intended. She posted several more tweets apologizing for the inconvenience.

뽀너스샷! 꽃으로 유혹하기 으잌ㅋㅋㅋ 우~ 이리와~ 뿌엥^*^~~ 키키
Translation: Bonus shot! Seducing with flowers kekeke oo~ Come here~ Keke
Note: The pictures posted were actually with this tweet.

여러분 화내지말아요 ㅜ 트윗픽으로 다시 만납시다 ㅜ 웨이러미닛!
Translation: Everyone, don’t be mad ㅜ Again, I meet Twitpic ㅜ Why is it like this!

흐억억억 ㅜㅜ 인증샷으로 기쁨주기 실패.. 트윗맹인가… ㅜㅜ 여러분 잘자요… ㅠㅠ 진심으로 sorry..흐억억억…
Translation: Gaspppp ㅜㅜ My attempt to give happiness through my confirmation shot has failed.. I am twitter impaired..ㅜㅜ Everyone sleep well… ㅠㅠ I am sincerely sorry.. gaspppp…

난 트윗픽도 안되구 ㅜ 트윗앱도 지금 네개나 종류대로 깔아봤는데ㅜ 꺼이꺼이ㅜ 언젠가 오늘 못올린사진 올릴게여ㅜ 미안해요 여러분 긋밤:)
Translation: Twitpic also doesn’t work for me ㅜ Twitter app is also kind of sporadic right now ㅜ Cry cry ㅜ Someday I will upload the photos I couldn’t upload today ㅜ Sorry, everyone. Good night :)


Source: Sojin’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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