[PIC/TRANS] 121127 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Update

Note: Gucci is from Play, the dance team that has been working with Girl’s Day during Don’t Forget Me promotions.

드디어 늑대소년을 봤다!!!! 음하하~~ 영화 무지무지 조으다^^ 재밌게봤어용 철수도 멋찌지만 연석오빠!!!! 지태의 나쁨을 완~~전 200% 느꼈어요……..화르륵…. 연석오빠 최고 최고~~~~^^
Translation: I finally saw “Wolf Boy”!!!! Eumhaha~~ The movie was so so good^^ I had fun watching it. Even though CheolSoo is also cool…YeonSuk oppa!!! I totally~~ 200% felt JiTae’s evilness……..burning anger…. YeonSuk oppa is the best best~~~~^^

Gucci: @Girls_Day_Hyeri 재미잇어 ?ㅋㅋ 나도빨리봐야되는데 ㅜ
Translation: @Girls_Day_Hyeri Was it interesting? ㅋㅋ I should also hurry up and see it ㅜ

Hyeri: @sygucci10 재밌써요!!!! 강추!!
Translation: It was interesting!!!! I recommend it!!


Source: Hyeri & Gucci’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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