[TRANS] 121129 Girl’s Day Sojin Twitter Update

코스믹 드디어 나왔그나~~ 축하축하!! :) Accident!! 여러분 들어보아용~RT @CosmicComposer: http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2168551 산이형과 함께한 두번째 곡이 나왔습니다 스트리밍 싸이트에서 코스믹사운드를 검색해주세요!
Translation: So Cosmic has finally come out~~ Congrats congrats!! :) Accident!! Everyone give it a listen~ RT @CosmicComposer: http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2168551 The second song that I did with San-E hyung has come out. Please search for “Cosmic Sound” on streaming sites!


Source: Sojin & Kim Ki Hyun’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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