[NEWS] 121210 Girl’s Day Sojin Participates in the Songwriting of Tokyo Girl’s Carol Album

Note: Tokyo Girl(동경소녀) or Lee Myeong Ji is an indie artist who has released several tracks this year. Check out her discography here.

(Irrelevant parts have been omitted for the purpose of brevity and conciseness.)

[Max Movie correspondent Shin Sangmin] Tokyo Girl has released the carol album ‘It’s Snowing’.

It was released on the 7th and Tokyo Girl is receiving a lot of love with her uniquely pure and clear vocal tone.

The album’s title track ‘It’s Snowing’ has a groovy rhythm and synth sounds that mix together in harmony.

In particular, the leader of Girl’s Day, Sojin, participated in writing the lyrics, which evoke childlike innocence. PD Gu Jachang said of her involvement: “Sojin worked with the song’s composer as if they were friends that go way back.”

Tokyo Girl – It’s Snowing(눈이오네요)
Lyrics: Sojin, Church Oppa
Arrangement: OPPASOUND


Source: maxmovie via nate | music.naver.com | Lee jk
Summary By: Shirina
Thanks to 빵청객(audiencea)

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