[TRANS] 130314 Kim Ki Hyun Facebook Update

Note: Kim Ki Hyun is CEO and Composer of Production Cosmic Sound.

걸스데이 첫 정규가 발매되었습니다! 남기상 프로듀서형님의 축복을 받아 코스믹 사운드가 참여한곡은 1번 트랙 Girl’s Day World (Intro) 입니다 그리고 기대해 좋아요! 잘생긴얼굴들 형님들의 그녀를 믿지마 좋음!

Translation: Girl’s Day’s first full album has been released! The song that Cosmic Sound (who received Nam Ki Sang producer hyungnim’s blessing) participated in is the first track, “Girl’s Day World (Intro)”! And “Expectation” is great! Glorious Faces hyungnims’ “Don’t Trust Her” is great!

Back in August of 2012 we updated that Sojin and Kim Ki Hyun had been in contact and he had said he was working on a Girl’s Day song. The song he had been working on with Sojin at the time seems to be ‘Girl’s Day World’. (Note: Sojin personally wrote the lyrics and music for ‘Girl’s Day World’.) It’s interesting that the song had been in production since then and finally has been released on Girl’s Day’s ‘Expectation’ 1st full length album.


Source: Kim Ki Hyun
Translated By: Shirina

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