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Girl's Day

Girl’s Day, “Natural feminine instincts, they came out naturally.”

After 2 years and 8 months, Girl’s Day has returned with their first full album ‘Expectation’.

Being associated with a cute and girlish image, what they’re doing next is ‘sexy’. With their title track ‘Expectation’ after their first comeback stage, Sojin, Minah, Hyeri, and Yura, the four members of Girl’s Day were excited after hearing fans’ reactions such as “amazing!”.

“This was unexpected, but with the fans’ cheering saying that we looked good with this sexy concept it gave us lots of energy. Above all we focused a lot on making proper faces. While looking at a practice mirror with the suspenders it felt awkward, but standing on stage it feels like our feminine instincts are coming out, Haha!”

Their concept this time around can be explained by the keyword ‘Reversal-dol’, coming back with a drastic change Girl’s Day says that they are very pleased with releasing their first regular album. “With so many songs in our album, we’re happy to show many different stages. We were looking at some of the other senior artists’ comeback stages.”

The title song for Girl’s Day ‘Expectation’ sensitively portrays a girl’s thoughts about a guy that seems like a player and trying to make that guy hers. We were curious on what they considered as bad boys. First Minah said, “Even if he’s not interested but nice to you a lot!”, Yura followed up with “A cheater”. Thinking of a drama character, the youngest Hyeri and Sojin said “when the guy is living off the girl” and laughed.

With this album Girl’s Day mentioned they want to show ‘variety’, also their outward appearance became more mature. Yura was voted by the members to have the best figure, and Sojin who felt a lot of pressure from the aggressive choreography, before their comeback Sojin decided to visit a health club. Minah who was picked by the guy contestants on a certain variety program as “guys’ personal preferences”, was excited. However the members added jokingly that Minah was the laziest person when the garbage needed to be sorted out.

With the more albums they make their desires are slowly being fulfilled. While the four members might not be perfectly ready, they mention their aspiration to hold a solo concert inside Korea. “Besides that wish, we want to go on a trip with friends, a solo album (Minah), act in a drama with Jo In Sung (Sojin), use Minah unni to ask our company to lift our dating ban (Hyeri), want to meet ideal guy Lee Seung Gi and other stuff, hehe~ (Yura)!”

Also through The Star Interview, Girl’s Day’s HD Interview video will soon be released. Leader Sojin mentions her admiration for Onew and through the VOD will show the mic choreo from Shinee’s song ‘Dream Girl, so if you’re a fan you can expect good things.


Source: thestar.chosun
Translated By: Kimoleon

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