[PIC/TRANS] 130322 Girl’s Day Sojin – Special Thanks To: (From ‘Expectation’ Album)


Thank you God for always being with me. First, to our fans who has endlessly been with us till our first full album and Yura, Hyeri, Minah who has been together until now, I love  you! Mom and dad who are always cheering and comforting, always teasing Girl’s Day rascally Yoontae, love you, just believe in me!<3 My aunt who is like my parents, I love you and thank you.* President Lee Jong Suk, President Kim Pyung Hee who always works so hard, Director Lee Hyung Jin, Director Na Sang Chun, Direcotr Ppasha, Yoon Min Chul, Jooyun from our houseㅋㅋ Everyone worked so hard! Let’s all be daebak! Yay^.^~ Yama and Hotchicks who gives us nice choreography, Hongbok oppa, Yoonjung unnie, Suhwon unnie, Sunny, Sora, Yoojin, always going to stick together right~ㅋㅋ thank you, bow bow* The people who makes us prettier by the day, Likeryuki, Sunny unnie, Jungduk unnie, Ppoyoung, Eunjin director, you know I love you~~? hehe^^ Our best stylist team!! Choi Hee Sun, Jieun, Ahyun, Soojung, Yuna, our staff who knows what’s up, thank you.* You’ll be with us always~?^^ Ki Sang oppa who worked on our album,* nice Gyusung oppa* let’s work together again next time~ Hyunsuh and Hyunah who always comes up from Daegu to meet me whenever I’m down, I’ll always be praying.^^ Bomdoonee who is always with me through good and bad times, love you*!! Yeah~!! Our determined sisters, JJungeun, Ssooyun, Hyossuh, Eunae, thank you for gathering all the neighborhood people to cheer! Miss you! Hing~ Daemong’s mommy, Girl’s Day was your prenatal mentor? ㅋ See you soon Daemong* Thank you Hyoji* Giyong who always thinks of me and giving me strength, aren’t you glad you’re in this Thanks To? ㅋㅋ Suyeon teacher, Chanyang teacher who puts me in the right path! And Reverend Lee Pil San who always prays for me!! Thank you! Gihyun who puts up with my rough personality, let’s write many good songs together~^^ I’ll do my best to become the always improving Sojin. If there was anyone that I forgot, please dont’ feel left outㅜㅜ Thank you and love you all<3<3<3


Image Taken By: gdd
Translated By: cur

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