[LYRICS] Girl’s Day – ‘Oh Great! (어쩜 좋아)’


‘Expectation’ 1st Full Album
‘Oh Great! (어쩜 좋아)’

Hey! Girl’s! Listen to ma Love story~
This Song for the One& Only~
Girl’s Day~ Too Much You’re Lovely~
All – L.O.V.E

눈에 빠져 빠져버린 것 같아
숨이 녹아 녹아버릴 것 같아
몰래 다가가서 볼래 알고 싶어 볼래
내 눈에 꾹꾹 담아볼래

부끄 부끄 부끄럽게 몰라요
자꾸 살짝살짝 눈빛에 난 놀라요
아쿠 이러면 안되는데 (안되는데)
내 맘 보면 어떡해

(Oh~) 어머 어쩜 조아 (어쩜 조아) 니가 너무 조아 (난 니가 조아)
정말 니가 조아 (니가 조아)
Oh ohoh oh ohohoh oh ohoh oh
두근두근 난 다가오면 난 몰라 꿈인 것 같아

Oh ma love babe, 하얀눈에, 난 또 그대를 생각해.
Let it slow, 조심스럽게, 가끔씩은 조금 더 빠르게,
Tell me babe, 부끄럽지 왜, 바보야 Let me hear you say,
이젠 네게 말해볼래, 그댄 내맘 녹인 sunshine~

어딜 쳐다보니 불안 불안하잖아
바보 몰라도 너무 모르잖아
너밖에 없어 너 하나 뿐야
이 바보야 왜 몰라

부드런 눈빛 다가오는 건가요 눈감아 봐도 빨게지는 난데
[촉촉한 터치의 (입술이) 설레는 마음이 (따뜻해)]
스르륵 쓰러져요 오오오
[수줍은 그대의 목소리 퍼지는 종소리 꿈속에]

어머 어쩜 조아 (어쩌면 좋아) 나도 니가 조아 (난 니가 조아)
정말 나도 조아 (니가 참 조아)
네게 줄께 Beautiful day (Beautiful day~)
어머 어쩜 조아 (oh ohohohoh oh) 나도 니가 조아 정말 니가 조아(어쩌면 좋아)
네게 줄께 LOVE 내맘 가득 LOVE LOVE LOVE~


Hey! Girl’s! Listen to ma Love story
This Song for the One and Only
Girl’s Day, Too Much You’re Lovely
All – L.O.V.E

I think I have fallen into your eyes
I think my breath has melted down
I want to secretly go to you and look at you, I want to know
I want to fill you up in my eyes

I’m shy, shy, shy – I don’t know
I’m surprised at your continuous, slight looks
Oh no, this can’t be happening (can’t be)
What if you see my heart?

Oh my, oh great (oh great) I like you so much (I like you)
I really like you (I like you)
I’ll give you my love, my heart, love love love
Oh ohoh oh ohohoh oh ohoh oh
Rub dub rub dub, when you come to me, I don’t know, it feels like a dream

Oh ma love babe, when the white snow falls, I think of you again
Let it slow, carefully and sometimes a bit more quickly
Tell me babe, fool, why are you so shy? Let me hear you say,
I want to tell you now, you are the sunshine that melts my heart

Where are you looking? I’m getting nervous
Fool, you really don’t know
I only have you, it’s only you
You fool, why don’t you know?

Are you soft eyes approaching me? Even when I close my eyes, I get red
Your wet touch (with your lips) my racing heart (so warm)
I slowly faint oh oh oh
Your shy voice and the ringing bells are in my dreams

Oh my, oh great (oh great), I like you too (I like you)
I really like you too (I really like you)
I’ll give you this beautiful day (beautiful day)
Oh my, oh great (oh ohohohoh oh) I like you too
I really like you (oh great)
I’ll give you my love and heart, love love love


Source: music.daum.net
Translated By: popgasa

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