[PIC/TRANS] 130323 Girl’s Day Minah – Special Thanks To: (From ‘Expectation’ Album)



Hello this is Minah~ Girl’s Day has finally released our very first full album!~ First of all, for this album and for us, who has worked tirelessly, DreamTea President Lee Jong Suk, President Kim Pyung Hee, Director Na Sang Chun, Director Lee Hyung Jin, Director Ppasha, Yoon Min Chul, Jooyun unnie, Hana – Juri unnie, you worked so hard and thank you. Let’s all strengthen up together and make fun and nice activities! The one who gave us the best songs ever, Nam Ki Sang&Benji&Jang Joon Ho&Han Sang Won oppa~ Radiogalaxy~ Jung Jin Hwan teacher~ Sojin unnie~ nice voice Jung Gyu Sung oppa~ Thank you for giving us such good songs that you can’t help but to like!! You worked so hard Ki Sang oppa^^~ The ones who makes our performance brighter, Yama&Hotchicks! Yoonjung unnie~ Hongbok oppa~ Suhwon unnie~ Sora unnie~ Yuhsun unnie~ Yoojin unnie~ you worked really hard~! ㅋㅋ Thank you for the totally sexy choreography, Yoonjung unnie and Hongbok oppa~! It’s our second time together already, F-Chohee stylist unnie! Director Choi Hee sun~ Jieun unnie~ Ahyun unnie~ Soojung unnie~ Yuna unnie~ you worked so hard~ Cool! Sexy! Director Yoohoo, thank you for all the nice outfits~! Grow up nice and pretty, baby! hehe And also someone who makes me who I am and also the different sides of me, magician Like-A-Yuki unnies! Sunny unnie~ Jungduk unnie~ Boyoung unnie~ Jinkyung unnie~ Sunyoung unnie~ Dogi unnie~! You all are a magician… Thank you~ Also my forever dad, mom, unnie, Soondolee, grandparents, uncles, aunts, all the relatives, our lovely babies Jisook, Jiyun, Yunju unnie, Lungchun, Taehoon oppa brother-in-laws…Just the thought of our family warms me up, love you and thank you~ Kim teacher, Mijin teacher, Jihye teacher, Sooyun teacher, Chanyang teacher, Tomomi teacher, thank you for always leading us to the right path! Kimda, Munuhbal, Songahji, Hyeran, Soonok oppa, Mungchoon, love you all~! Our members who struggled all this time, thank you, sorry and love you, thank you~! Dai5y who is like a family~ Angelic Smile family, you’re probably sick of me telling you this but thank you so much and love you smooch~ But aren’t I charming even though I’m a fool…? I’m sensitive….^_^ Even if I forgot someone…please understand, I’m…kind of a babo>_<


Image Taken By: gdd
Translated By: cur


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